For all the Dreamers

I have been listening to many dreamers speak of their practices and quite a few discuss using either active dreaming or lucidity to change the reality and further look for ways in which the dreams are there to heal us, offer medicine and provide scenario's in which we can make conscious choice of how we'd like to interpret and proceed in our waking realities—be an agent of change.

I do make a best effort towards heeding these messages, do my best to honor them and am open to growth. I suppose at times I struggle a bit too much (wanting to get further faster) and am impatient when it comes to what I think I ought to be learning, over with, or doing next. I suppose I could use a bit more self-compassion and also allow myself to surrender more to what's happening in my world.

Notice, hmmm, here is this issue again, I see it, I feel it, I embrace it, I interact in the best way I know how.

Interesting too to consider how much is mental and that we as humans seem so hooked on finding an explanation because some of what I've gotten from my most recent studies is that we should try to avoid narrative (an explanatory story) when considering our dreams, as once they become a symbol, they are dead rather than an image that packs a wallop of feeling. So, I have been attempting to carry the images of the dreams with me throughout the day and be more loose in my interpretations--realize I am not sure of what my dreams are offering just yet and that's why they're coming to me in a not yet conscious state, to help me along—wisdom beyond the waking realities wanting to be born into this realm. A further opening, deepening, a spiritual expansion moving towards inclusion and wholeness.