Happy is the soul who kills no person in self or in others


Being myself has worked best for me and I hold dreaming as a holy and sacred connection to Self even when the themes are dark. Dreaming and honoring these visions is based on love and acceptance of all aspects of ourSELVES. We can aspire to, and work towards, understanding and reverence for ALL including the parts that make up who we are.

Modern science has caught up with the idea that each person is a multiplicity of selves, or personality parts. These selves, sometimes fragmented or isolated from the others have served us well by allowing our purest parts to survive trauma’s experienced in what can be a hostile world. By learning to embrace and trust ourselves and the wisdom of our dreams we become active participants in living a deeper and more conscious reality and by way of this process develop a more intimate relationship with self and others.

Though we are all a part of a greater whole, it is my belief we are also all on individual spiritual journey’s and I am especially interested in embracing shadowy aspects of our psyche’s in pursuit of reaching and reMEMBERing our truest natures. As cliche’ as it may sound, embracing these darkest aspects of ourselves reveals a light beyond our present imagining.

As a dreamworker, teacher and wounded healer, I like to approach therapy through dreaming and states of non-ordinary perception and believe an amalgamation of wisdom from many sources is much more effective than tightly focusing on any one way to wholeness. And, at the same time, I truly espouse the tenet, take what works for you and leave what does not.

I borrow from many including: Robert Moss’ Active Dreaming technique (I am a long-time student of his dream school), Toko-pa and her Dreamwalking, described by her as a lifestyle choice which practices reciprocity between waking and dreaming realities, Arnold Mindells’ process oriented psychology and dreaming, Robert Johnsons’ Active Imagination, Sandra Ingermans’ shamanic journeying practices and Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems incorporating psychodrama & dream theater as I experienced with Katelyn Staecker, and of course the teachings of Jung.

I have also studied under Joy Drake playing her Transformational Game and participating in SoulCollage with Yasko Takahashi at Findhorn in Scotland. I have participated in Animas Valley Institute workshops in underworld journey’s working with Sage Magdalene and Annam (elle) of Heartgate, as well as Soulcentric Dreamwork with Animas founder, Bill Plotkin. I hold a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Gender Studies and a Master’s of Art in Teaching and have studied systems counseling at the Leadership Institute of Seattle.

After the name and degree dropping’s, I want to make it clear that as a human being, I am wary of mastery bestowed on account of paid-for-credentialing, not because I am against accreditation, or because I am a lay healer, but because I feel authority often comes more from varied experiences, age, depth of living, trauma’s suffered and uniquely diversified backgrounds born of our specific personal, familial, psychological, spiritual and paid-for-work histories.

You might also like to know about me:

Triple Scorpio


Enneagram, 4

Chinese Zodiak, the Rooster

Life path number, 9

I love anything that merges spirituality and psychology

& the color blue!

**I subscribe to the Association of Dreamwork Practitioners code of ethics.