Shamanic Journey

Trance, dance, active imagination, shamanic journey, dream travels while awake—I have both participated in and facilitated these closely related trips, which in my opinion, link psyche, the ancestors and other realms.

Music and especially repetitive drumming are used as modes of entering a hypnogogic place in which the waking and sleeping states of being are overlapping.  This is a place where the ego is relaxed and imagination and ideas become more fluid. It is a place especially fertile for both getting around and informing the conscious mind in solving problems and enhancing creativity.

As a careful practitioner, aware of the need to protect and hold the space, I use my drum as a method in which consciousness is shifted to enter non-ordinary reality in which we go together to seek guidance, re-visit a dream, meet spirit ally’s and recover soul.


May our doors and gates and paths be open,

and our doors and gates and paths between the worlds,

and may the doors and gates and paths of any who wish to do us or those we love any harm

be closed.

May it be so.