Kimberly Lane engages Active Dreaming techniques to assist you in expanding your awareness.

I will help you navigate through dark points and shadows in order to gain a greater understanding in mapping your own psychic systems.


Life as a conscious dream

Active Dreaming, is a skill I learned from Robert Moss and is described by him as a way of being fully of this world while maintaining constant contact with another world, “the world behind the world, where the deeper logic and purpose of our lives are to be found.”

Dreaming, and responding to our dreams in this way, we become conscious actors in our own lives, knowing that we always have a choice, we need not buy into self-limiting beliefs or the limited models of reality suggested by others, but learn to,
grow a dream of possibility, a dream strong enough to move beyond fear and despair to a place of freedom and delight!

Through the practice of Active Dreaming, I have learned to honor my own wisdom and this has truly changed my life, just as I know conscious dreaming will yours!



Embody the symbols and images, allow these to tell your story rather than the habitual narrative.


Potency of emotion, be led to a place that wants to heal

Our bodies are instinctual.  Ask yourself, what is being communicated to me? Come back to the intuitional, gut-feeling, by listening to and identifying the emotional and sensational messages of your body. If your smile or tears could speak, what would they being saying?

Nov2015 1831.png

The Body Knows

I heard her say that she trusts the black more than the white. Night voices, improvisational jazz-sense, of touch, not sight. The spiritual umbilical in fact, not the unplugged daydream of bouncing cars. I have to go with the feeling. Stick with the feeling. The dreams begin to shift with the feeling. Jacob’s ladder to Egyptian chaise lounge and the tall dogs I kept in a desert town at the public pool some centuries ago.

Dream Journal & A Slick Pen

Take the time to write down your dreams, even if you’re only left with a snippet or a vague feeling. We too often disregard a dream thinking we know what it means, or that it’s too mundane. I have made great discoveries working this very type of dream, ones my mind waved off as not being important enough to record!

Without thinking, give your dream a title.  Your first, immediate and unfiltered response is best.

While recording your dreams make sure to note and list the predominate feeling during the dream, and also feelings or impressions upon awakening, as often enough the feeling does NOT match the images in the traditional sense and can help in deciphering what action to take.

Reality check: note what you recognize from the rest of your life, people, places, locations.

And, when we work together with the lightning dreamwork process, I will ask you, what do you want to know about this now?

Last, I will ask you to do something active, to honor the dream in some way.

**I find it especially helpful to have slick, rollerball pens and my journal right next to my bed along with fairy-lights I can click on without causing me to fully wake up while I record during the night or early morning hours. I also find it keeps me in the hypnogogic/dreamy state if I keep one eye closed while writing, that way I am better able to inhabit both worlds. The above photo is of my Pendleton dream blanket which has accompanied me on many a dream journey, perhaps you too have a special blanket you prefer to journey under?

Dreams as Soul Mirrors

Our dreams are trying to get our attention! Dreams are a way in which we can access our higher wisdom, and most often the symbols in our dreams can be applied to our interior lives. Dreams are all about our unconscious updating and informing our conscious, and in most cases are offering us valuable information towards our individual journey to wholeness. These images and messages are beckoning us to proceed into a more unified state. Dreams show us ways in which to continue in current waking situations, can be a way in which our ancestors communicate with us and at times, are even prophetic. For the most part, dreams act as mirrors, showing us all, reflecting without lie, what is there for us to work on in our spiritual evolution.

Found on Wikipedia, I especially like the following definition of a mirror not only for its explanation of what a mirror does, but for the connotative link to original light, reflecting the essence of our spiritual being without block.

A mirror is an object that reflects light in such a way that, for incident light in some range of wavelengths, the reflected light preserves many or most of the detailed physical characteristics of the original light, called specular reflection.

By the way, going to ask auntie Google about your dreams can turn up some pretty interesting results, not by way of dream meanings, but by looking up particular places, names, objects, symbols, animals, events, etcetera that feature prominently in your dream. Allow yourself to be open to the surprising ways in which synchronicity delivers just what you’re looking for when you take action towards understanding the messages arising in your own psyche.