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Dreaming Up Poetry

“An archetypal content expresses itself, first and foremost, in metaphors.” —C.G Jung

A workshop in which we will be applying dreams, their symbols, and poetic imagery to our artistic writings.

Not a poet?  Not a writer?  Doesn’t matter!  This workshop is for everyone and you will leave with at least one discovered poem via a listening exercise. Using such exercises to wake up to the unconscious and the creative pieces that flow from our depths is an exercise of giving voice to an unseen ocean of energies, a practice dialogue, with our inner life and selves.

 Yes, the word, exercise, three times because we will be writing at this workshop, beginning with found poetry through active listening and then by mining our own dream journals.  Don’t fret if you don’t remember your dreams, you can use any journal of collected thoughts, observations, imagination in order to create a poem, so please bring such material along--the more recent the better.

Every dream is a masterpiece of symbolic communication and can be worked with in a sort of collage form as the writer arranges and rearranges to meet the current conscious narrative.  Interacting with our dreams in such a creative way not only increases relationship with self, but often enough this work produces beautiful written pieces.  You can choose if you’d like to share with others, or keep only for yourself!

The workshop is being offered through Astoria Writer’s Guild with a cost of $35, with a $10 discount for members. To register for this workshop, please visit:

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