On Synchronicity & Crocodile Medicine

My domain name for this website includes crocodile and when I first saw it come up as I took a web building class at the community college, my heart swelled with the knowledge that since being a child, I’ve always said if I were any animal it would be a crocodile or an alligator! Not just because my eyes are gold/green, but because I am long and fierce in my love and loyalty! And, just because kids know things like that, without thinking, without having to prove how or why.

Anyway, I took it as a good omen, that I was definitely on the right track in launching the website and moving a step closer to combining my survival dance with my sacred dance. 

I even designed a logo which included an Egyptian inspired alligator, but felt it unnecessary to pay an extra expense for a symbol of something I already carry in my being.  And, so I am starting to see people with my best effort at light language and with the knowledge that the wealth of experiences I’ve had years to reflect upon, and the opportunity to view from multiple angles, are informed by crocodile medicine, eyes simultaneously above and beneath.

Tonight, I ran across this segment on crocodile as spirit animal on a blog post written by fellow Steemian, @alexaventuria and marvel again at the trinity of magic-synchronicities, like a white trillium from the dark woods, these continually offering me gifts when my eyes are open to truth-in-vision.

I am very excited to be here, humbly, as a conduit of healing energies and the following, a third petal, resonates with my own journey and the way in which I’d like to reflect my light with others.  

Connecting with the crocodile facilitates the overcoming of fears to yield the healing of deep Soul wounds. Especially when it comes to self-perpetuating detrimental energies caused by trauma dating back to our early childhood and past lives, or even our ancestral lineage, the crocodile assists us in perspicaciously looking at the exact triggers and consciously choosing to let go with love in the knowingness that this is how we create space for more Heartful visions of joy representing our new sense of Self to take over. The crocodile teaches us that the collective subconscious is the focal point where visions and nightmares to the same degree have their origins; here, we rediscover our authentic sense of primordial faith under the premise that at first we muster the willingness to recollect and unify our fragmented aspects. The crocodile is an expert in casting light on where and when we feel unworthy, endowing us with the impetus to luminously transcribe our blemished self-image by sorting out distorted believes which resulted from exaggerated comparison. People with the crocodile as their spirit animal understand it to preserve their energy field by setting healthy boundaries.