On Ritual

Come out of my own struggles in order to help others find their way. Coming out of hiding, coming out of my shell, I am no longer committed to being not good enough. I am pushing myself through my fears in a supportive way as I am now committed to being compassionate with myself even if my attempts seem childish cut-out’s to those who look on.

Today is a full, super, snow moon and so last night, as I often do, I placed a small dish of water outside to capture some of the moon magic. Usually, I will set this dish of water on my mantel, in front of a mirror and frequently anoint myself throughout the month, usually third-eye with the healing water in a blessing to myself, with compassion and encouragement directed at me.

I found these two rocks at the beach at Findhorn in Scotland where there are many incredibly amazing rocks to find for those who are attracted to the energies of minerals. There are fields of rocks in the dunes, some with quartz and fairy-like, glittery circles that seem imbued with a magic found in no other place. On my last visit, a year ago November, I also picked up these two white stones with eyes that particularly appealed to me as being stones to help with psychic vision and intuition.

I added them to the dish of water that I set out under the bare-apple-branched tree and the corona-rainbowed moon of last night. I added the rocks thinking that they would be good for me to place over my own eyes, cleaned and with new energetic charge as I went into a session of dream-re-entry with the help of youtube shamanic drummer’s.

When I went to get the dish of water this morning, I found both of the stones were out of the dish of water, in the grass and there was some dirt in the water! First, I thought maybe a raccoon had come and taken them out? Or, possibly one of the opossums that live in the bamboo stand, but then realized it was probably one of my crows, the black shiny birds that I talk with daily and feed occasionally.

Last week, my youngest turned sixteen and rather than cake he requested pumpkin pie. I rolled out the crusts and had a large handful of greasy dough left so I went out and called the crows who were grateful for the winter fat—crow gives back.

Crow as spirit animal, as magic and mystery have touched the eyes, blessed the eyes and offer to fly with me on a journey through the dream in which I am roller-blading on ice and snow, pushing a child’s wood and metal school chair through the streets. These are the cliff hangers, the delving in deep, the unfolding’s I never can imagine before taking an action in ritual form (an intention with ceremony) of bringing the dreams into this world.

Video Credit: Shamanic Experience / Tilbake til Urkraften on Youtube